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Martial Arts Accomplishments

Rob began his martial arts training in traditional Southern Style (Hung Fut) Kung Fu under Master Tai Yim (Fight Choreographer for several films starring Cynthia Rothrock.) After training in traditional Kung Fu, Rob decided to try his hand at modern style Wushu (Chinese military arts) as a student of United States Wushu Team Coach Master Xiaoling Lu of Shanghai China. There, Robert learned Shaolin style Wushu and Barehand Fighting. After a two year hiatus from martial arts, Rob got back into the circuit under the study of former Beijing Wushu member, team mate of martial arts star Li Lianje "Jet Li" and Beijing coach Master Zhang Guifeng of the United States Wushu Academy. As an understudy of Master Zhang, Robert became proficient in various styles of combat including Nanchuan (Southern Boxing), Changquan (Northern Style), and Chin Na (Grappling and Bone Displacement). He also became proficient in various weapons such as Broadsword and Nandao (Southern Cutting Sword). In 1997, Rob became one of the head members of the USWA Competition Team and competed for placement on the United States National Wushu Team for the World Games held in Rome Italy. Although, falling short of making the U.S. Team, Rob went on to capture two gold medals at the Capital Classics National Championship in the Men's Weapons Division and Men's Barehand Division in 1997. Robert has trained with the World Renowned Beijing Wushu Team and has performed for thousands in attendance and was officially ranked by the North American Sports Karate Association. Robert has officially retired from the martial arts circuit and has been teaching self defense to battered teens.

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