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What is Powwow and where did it originate? Ironically, Powwow has nothing to do with American Indian dancing. Powwow is believed to come from the Indian word "Pawaw" to mean "he who dreams." However, Powwow originated in  West Africa and was the foundation of West African religion. Despite what you may believe, Powwow is not a social gathering of Indians dancing to drum music. Powwow has a much deeper meaning than that. Powwow reflects West African divination and is the basis of what is mistakenly called "Black Magic" which traces it's roots even further to the Magi of Mitsrayim who created magical circles for the sky beings. Powwow is the lost religion of the Dogons and served as a belief system and application of healing techniques and technological theories. It was the practicing religion of Imhotep of Egypt, Zoser, Nirgal, and Jesus Christ. Over the years, Neo-Pagans denounced the "Old Time Religion" and considered it evil and unethical. Many Powwow believers were burned at the stake or crucified for fear of being a witch.

To the West Africans, Powwow was a very powerful divination tool and it offered limitless change and empowerment. The African Shamans were the key holders and the people endured the benefits of an advanced understanding of energy and nature, to the point where it could be manipulated. There was no church, no one God, no Bible, no politics, just a divine connection to earth elements (air, water, wood, earth, fire). The Dogons understood that these five elements are interchangeable and they dictate life. This is very similar to the Chinese theory of the Five Elements in which they believe that everything is reciprocal and ever changing. The American Indian Powwow (Spirit Relations) is a reflection of Negroid philosophy. The Negroid is basically universally philosophical. He is in constant relation with a higher being, the spirits, ancestors, and stands in natural relations with other living beings. The center of his universe is neither God nor the spirits, but himself. Native American religion of the Red man closely resembles it's predecessor's idea of humanistic religion. The Black Indians religion is a religion of elements and materials (Alchemy), not mythological  legends and stories of heavenly battles between demigods and dragons. Every ceremonial act of the Black Indian is related to nature, including and more specifically the dance. Religion is not only expressed orally, but religion was also expressed through ritual acts.

How did Powwow become the hex craft of the Dutch?

True hex craft was stolen from various Egyptian secrets by the Europeans. Europe and Germany gave birth various religions of Wicca in which was called "Hex." To the Druids, it was called "Pagan" but to the Egyptians it was called "Magi." The Egyptians used this craft to interact directly with the spirits and exercise force metaphysics (African geomancy, formal logic and divination). The early Dogons of Africa (ancestors of the Olmecs) believed that the Universe was a static universe, a polytheistic universe represented by various figures. To the Dogons, everything is represented by 256 doublets (multiples of two semi-figures). The Dogons believed that the numbers 2, 4, 16, and 256 were of divine and magical significance. Ironically, these numbers are also significant in Arabic divination and Chinese divination based on "The Book of Changes - The I-Ching" which is constructed based on modified Boolean algebra. All of this was stolen from the Egyptian Secrets by the Germans and became known as "Witchcraft" and " Greek Astrology." During the Reformation in 16th Century Europe, Luther and Calvin promoted the concepts of individual freedom and the priesthood of all believers. In what has been called, "The Radical Reformation." Some religious reformers took these beliefs to their logical conclusion; they preached that the believer should separate themselves from all secular activities. The religious movements that they founded are called "Free Churches" as contrasted to the state churches which were normal for the time. Their groups were simple associations of adult Christians. Most groups were wiped out in wars or programs of genocide which were organized by various governments, and both the mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic churches. The Mennonites are named after Menno Simons (1496-1561), a Dutch Anabaptist leader. They were severely persecuted and fled to Switzerland and other more remote areas of Europe and America. These nonconformist sailed across the Atlantic to the New World in areas of Maryland, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, specifically to Salem (Arabic word for "Peace" Salam.) These Germans were called "Pilgrims, Puritans, Pennsylvania Dutch (German word for  "Deutsch") and Amish.

Salem Witch Trials "The First Church of Satan is located in Salem Massachusetts"

What is the difference between a Puritan, Pilgrim and Pennsylvania Dutch?

Despite what the Amish people and Dutch will claim, all of these people are one and the same! All of these groups finds their origin in Welsh, English, Scottish, Swiss, and French ancestry, but more commonly Germany. Can you tell who's who in the photos below?

(left to right) Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish, Orthodox German Jews

The Amish began to practice the "Old Time Religion" or the religion of Abraham. This was the birth of the Powwow system of the Germans, however it had taken on a new perspective. Because of the interaction between the Puritans and various Native American tribes, the Puritans began to implement Indian herbal science into the craft. It then became a conglomeration of Druid paganism, Christian mythology, German Wicca, and now Native American lore. Europe in the 1600's were persecuting and burning witches (those of religious non conformity). However, the truth is that the clergy politicians who murdered these so-called "witches" were not killing witches at all, but using that as justification to practice genocide in order to put a stop to a possible non conformist revolt against the Monarch. William Penn of London had helped establish a community of Quakers, "those who quake before the Lord" which was a religious cult that practiced witchcraft. The Europeon church activated witch hazing in order to gain control over the population and destroy the old religion in order to implement a new order and deter any rebellion.

What about Native Americans?

Did Native Americans have any effect on Powwow? Certainly. From Herbal medicine to use of nature symbols. Such upper northeast tribes as the Delaware, Susquehanna, Mongo, Oneida, and Lenape,  were all effected by the Penn Quakers. Many historians believe that Native American spirituality was brought to America by Europeans. This is not true. Native American spirituality and nature had existed in America since the Mayans and Aztecs. Proof of this is documented in the stories of Montezuma, the various names of temples and gods.

What about Powwow Dancing?

Dancing as a way of releasing, healing and connecting with each other and our divine source dates back tens of thousands of years, and can be found in thousands of cultures the world over. We are energy beings. Our feelings and emotions are energy (energy + motion = emotion), and as energy we are constantly vibrating. Dance is a perfect way to validate the body's natural vibration and move this emotional energy, thereby restoring the body to its natural order. Dance was also used to heal oneself  and to expand the radiance, awareness, presence, aliveness and passion of the human body. Dance is one of the oldest forms of self expression.  It is a language of the soul. The art of dance flows through the soul as it does through the universe creating a way for musical frequency to express itself. The human body is a musical instrument and each time our body moves it sends out high pitch tones.

The tribal drum creates primal energy and opens various pockets of earth energies. The Earth has a certain tone "Ohm" in which every living thing is in tune with. The beat of the drum is the language of the Earth. Drumming is a journey in the Shamanic tradition of the Native American and African people, and their insight into the power and magic of the animal archetypes, the healing of others, and the healing of the Earth.


Native American Powwows are not "fun" gatherings as believed by outsiders today. Native American Powwows are indeed very spiritual and have very deep hidden meanings. The drum works as a trance inducer and the body responds almost unconsciously. This was how the ancients communicated with the spiritual world. Each dance step that is taken is a word spoken by the spirits. This ritual was used prior to battle to ask for good blessings and victory over the enemy. Today, powwows has become entertainment for spectators and even has been turned into competition for money. All sacredness  has been stripped from Indigenous American Powwow ritual and replaced with spectatorship.