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Understanding Nature

What is nature? In common terminology, nature is defined as: A creative and controlling force or the sum of such forces in an individual, the essence of a thing. Although these are indeed accepted definitions in our mainstream society, they fall quite short at attempting to fully explain the concept of nature. We know  what nature means to Webster, but what does nature mean to the Black Indian? To the Black Indian, nature is Hurtzilopochti, Elagabal, Ra, Shamash, or even better known as the "Sun." Throughout our history (history of people of color), the Sun has been our essence, our life force, our energy. We have held the Sun in high regards, we have dedicated pyramids  and  sacred  temples of worship to the Sun. In Egypt we called the Sun "Ra." In Sumeria  we called it "Apsu."  We, the people were once called the "Children of Ra" or "Melaninites." People of the sun are a very unique people. Our bodies serve as conductors of energy from the Sun which enables electricity to flow freely throughout our bodies. The Sun serves as an energy recharger for the dark pigment people. Electrons vibrate back and forth within the pigment cell called "Melanocyte." We are nature! The ancient Negroid understood that man and nature are interchangeable and not separate entities of each other.

Melaninites "Children of the Sun"

Our association with the Sun is prevalent in our bodies located in the Solar Plexus.  The term "Solar" is a Latin term "Sol" to mean "Sun", and refers not to the Sun in the sky but the Sun inside of man. The term "Solar" is often used to refer to man's involvement with the Sun, (solar plexus, solar energy, solar heat etc.) The Solar Plexus is one of the 7 seats in the human body. The 7 seats are called "Chakras" or "Uruwsh." The 7 seats superimpose major endoctrine glands: 1. Hypothalamus, 2. Pituitary 3. Thyroid 4. Parathyroid 5. Adrenal 6. Pancreas 7. Gonads glands. These glands work off electromagnetic impulses by the Cerebrospinal System which illuminates different colors of light called "Aura" or "Halo" in the religious world. The Chakras enables man to be in tune with nature.

The Chakra System

Our connection to nature and the Sun is prevalent in all cultures. The ancient Mexicans constructed the Temple of Teohitcuan as a sun temple. The Native American Blackfoot tribe leads a Sun Dance. The Okipa was celebrated as the "Love of Life" and lived in the Sun. This was celebrated by the African Mandan Indians.  The Black Moors of Ireland constructed Stonehenge as a Sun dial. The ancient Egyptians built pyramids in pairs to represent the rays of the Sun. The Black Indians truth of nature is quite different than that of the Judea-Christian and Theistic theories of the world. In our concept of nature and spirituality, there are no imaginary gods, inanimate objects of worship, unknown spiritual abodes, or blind faith. The Black Indian's truth of spirituality is quite different than even that of our Red Indian brother. The Lakota Sioux refer to nature, spirituality, and God as the "Great Mystery" and is the Wakan Tankan. The Lakota elders claim that the Great Spirit's essence is beyond human comprehension. Interestingly enough, this is quite similar to the Euro-Christian and Judea dogma that one acquires Heaven or Hell only after death. Meanwhile, we wonder the Earth aimlessly searching for esoteric philosophies to compensate for the missing gap in religious theory.

(Left) The Mexican Pyramid of the Sun  (Right) Stonhenge

Many indigenous people define nature as the Supreme being in which man is dependent upon. To the Lakota Sioux, this is the Four Winds. According to the Sioux, the Creator (nature) can manifest through creation. The Black Indian views nature as being reciprocal. The Black Indian believes that all things are reciprocal. All things are circular as all things recycle. A seed set roots with the seed pod bursting forth with growth of a healthy plant. The plant is nourished by the sun rays which also is responsible for Chlorophyll and Photosynthesis. The plant is sustained by the Sun and eventually withers from the lack of Sun. The plant dies and descends into the ground from which it came, ready to burst forth for the next cycle. Nature is Sun which is time. Such tribes as the Aztec and Mayan judged time based on solar calendars as opposed to the Lunar (Moon) calendar which is used today by European nations.  

Aztec Calendar (Sun calendars)

The Black Indian will refer to nature as "The Great Source" and not by "God", "Goddess", or "Father" which are Theistic terms used to give nature a gender and an image that man can easily relate to. Certain terms as, "he" and "him" are often used to describe some type of God. This is not the case with the Black Indian. We are nature and the description of a God is actually the description of ourselves. The Gods of Egypt and India were not mythological Gods at all, but rather real beings who were regarded as "Godlike" by humans. We are the ancient God's of mythology. We are not Creators nor are we the primary source. We are a result of creation and a result of the source (Nature).

The Egyptian Gods under the rays of the Sun

This goes back as far as the time of Jesus and the Biblical scholar's malicious alteration of mythology. Biblical scholars refer to Jesus as the "Son" of God. The term "S-O-N" actually refers to the Sun "S-U-N." Son refers to the ancient Egyptian God Horus which means, "High, far Away" and in Syraic "HAAR" to mean "hot." Horus is also the root word of the word "Horizon" which is the junction of earth and sky which clearly seen at the apparent setting of the Sun. The word "S-U-N" was replaced with S-O-N by inserting the letter "O" which was not a letter but an ancient  symbol to symbolize the sun disc. According to Biblical reference, Jesus referred to himself as the "Light." The God Horus is represented as a falcon or the Falcon headed man.


We are the light with a light burning inside of us and outside of us. This is our nature. To become in tune with nature we must become in-tuned with ourselves. When one destroys his body with drugs, alcohol, bad foods, he is destroying the very nature and the very spirit. When one tampers with nature by injecting poison in the atmosphere, our bodies are being destroyed. We rely on the Sun for nourishment. Nature is not esoteric or science-fiction. Nature does not represent an abstract concept of a supreme deity. Nature is experienced through sight, sound, touch, and smell. Although European theologist and ethnologist have often misconstrued our simple understanding of nature as a belief of Gods, this is not accurate! These deity figures are found in European religion and holds no place in Black Indian religion. Throughout history, our religion has become extremely esoteric with gender affixations such as "Father Sky" and "Mother Moon." The ancient Olmecs of Mexico viewed nature in much of the same sense as the Dogons of Mali who were astronomers and star seekers. The Dogons understood  the universe, they understood the truth outside of the realm of 3 dimensions.

The Black Indians understood that reality and nature is beyond this three dimensional world. To the Black Indian, European religion was paganistic. Nature was given to man in three dimensions. It is literally impossible for man today to think outside of the three dimensions. Three dimensions are person, place, and thing. European theology has "locked" man within the realms of this three dimensional abode and has made it difficult for man to expand beyond the physical concept. The ancients believed that the world is an illusion, a mirage that we created through suggestive thinking. Our thoughts manifested into the physical and our input and output signals are simply sparks of the perceptions that man has created.  There is a word for "Illusion" in all of the ancient religions. The Dogons of Africa believed this theory thousands of years ago.