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What is Ubaba Ungulu?
I decided to construct this website after many questions concerning our belief system. Such questions were, "What is our religious belief? Did the Moors believe in a Monotheistic God? What were our practices?" It's not enough that Black Native Americans acknowledge their heritage but it is also imperative that we begin to pick up the pieces that we might have dropped along the way. Our people must realize that the customs and traditions practiced by such tribes as the Sioux, Mandan, Blackfeet are the customs that were handed down to them through their ancestors, the Black Indian, us! Ubaba Ungulu is an African Zulu word to mean, "Great Spirit" and was spoken by the Mandan tribe of Native Americans. This site deals with many of the unanswered uanswered questions, mysteries and what may seem to be very esoteric dogma.

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