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American: The term "American" according to U.S. history was supposedly taken from the Italian navigator, Amerigo Vespucci. The truth is that the term, "America" is a two part word (Amer) taken from the French word, "Moor" which were the inhabitants of West Africa (Morocco, Mali). These Africans were also referred to as, "Muur, Mor" and "Morenos" in Spain to mean, "Black." The term, "Moor" is the root word of the Latin term, "Amor" which means, "Beloved" and was the term used in reference to the Moroccan kings who sailed via Spain and became religious leaders of the Vatican. The original Vatican priesthood was African! (Catholic = Cat Holistic  or "Holy Cat" of Egypt symbolized by the Sphinx.) The Moroccan priesthood  oversaw the Papal government. The term, "Rica" derived from the Middle English word "Ric" to mean "Power realm." Power was determined by bloodline and by wealth, thus the term, "Rich" or "Reich," and referred to the wealthy Moroccans that was depicted in the films, "Casablanca" and "The King and I". The term "American" literally refers to the early inhabitants of this land who wore gold in their noses.

The Black Madonna and Egyptian Sphinx

Indian: The term "Indian" was first coined by Christopher Columbus during his first journey in 1492. Columbus was under the impression that when he arrived in the Bahamas, he was in the East Indies. When Columbus encountered Arawaks, he referred to them as "Indians" because their skin color and hair texture was similar to that of Hindu people of Asia. The term, "Indian" only applies to inhabitants of the country India, not the Indigenous people of America. Today, the term "Indian" is officially used as a term of determination by the United States Federal Government. However, there is really no clear and concise definition for the term when it deals with classification and tribal eligibility. For the sake of arguement, the term will appear in various parts of this website.

Indian Hindu women / Native American

Native American: The term "Native" is from the Middle English word "natif" which means,
"belonging to a particular place by birth." It is a misconception that the term, "Native American" refers to the so-called, American Indian. The truth is that anyone born in America is a Native American, but not necessarily an American Indian.

Indigenous: The term "Indigenous" means "Native" coming from the Latin word "Indigena." The difference between "Indigenous" and "Native" is that Native refers to residence while Indigenous refers directly to ethnicity. Within the word "Indigenous" is the word "Gene" which means to "give birth" or "free born."

American Citizen: The term "American Citizen" refers to person or inhabitant of a city or town who is entitled to the rights and privileges of a free man. American Citizens must be "entitled" or granted the various rights of the nation but not necessarily the same rights as an indigenous or native. These people must become "members" of the United States and in most cases withdraw their "membership" with their birth nation.

Illegal Alien: The term "Illegal Alien" refers to the persons of another country who is not "naturalized" or granted citizenship while living in America. Europeans are true Illegal Aliens! The Europeans migrated to America and proclaimed themselves as "Americans" and did not go through the legal government process of naturalization. They simply "took" their citizenship by force.