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Lost Feather Family Links - Directory

African Native Americans "We Are Still Here" - based on an exhibit, curated by Ms. Eve Winddancer and with photos by Mr. Louis B. Myers.

Homalosa - Heart of Two Nations "African Native Americans" - History, Literature, & Genealogy Resource of Homalosa African/Chickasaw teacher in California

Mwalim's Black Indian Poetry & Music - Original Black Indian Poetry w/ lectures and educational programs, MP3 - pianist, percussionist, singer, composer, record producer.

Oya's Daughters - dedicated to Osceola, Creek warrior, who, with his largely African band, waged an unceasing war against those who would divide and conquer the African and Native Americans who had come
so courageously together to fight for their dignity, and their liberty.

Lone Wolf Black Indian Poem - Black Indian Women, The ancient ones know who you are. They know the great Spirit has blessed you as children of the stars

Shakin The Monkee Tree - The Genealogy website of the Moncus Family. Extensive database constructed by Kim Brown. Monkee Tree message board, news & updates, photos, special links.

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