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The National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee

  Organization Profile

N.O.A.H. A.R.C. is the acronym for the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee. We are a cultural organization that is dedicated to study and on-going research of black Indigenous people of America. We have been in existence since the mid 1990's, existing primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The Committee was founded by Robert Strongrivers (Seminole-Creek) as a means to educate college students of the history of black Native Americans. The Committee has thus far gone through several outstanding changes including becoming a major source of study for undergraduate college students. Today, the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee is dedicated to teaching nationwide via World Wide Web, history based on our extensive data by our research team. We are not a religious group or organization. We currently have members who are affiliated with many different religious denominations. We are not affiliated with any particular Native American Nation.

  Questions to Ask

What exactly does the National Olmec American Heritage Research Committee do?

We are dedicated to the research of the history of Indigenous Negroids and Black Indigenous Americans. The data that we find we then provide to various educational groups. We offer study guides, monthly scheduled chat classes, live seminars and lectures as well as providing newsletters and our official educational website "Lost Feather." All of these exciting features will be available in 2001.

Is this a new organization?
We are new to the Internet but the organization itself has been around since 1993 in it's early form. We are not an Internet group. We are an actual committee that also has an Internet presence.

Do you have to be a Black Indian to join this organization?
Absolutely not! You do not even have to be Native American.We currently have a well balanced supporters which include Germans, Filipinos, African Americans and Italians. All we ask is that you have an open mind and be willing to question history.

Is this a nonprofit organization?
Yes Indeed! We don't ask for donations or try to hit you up for money on our website. We do not ask for donations to give to Red Indian charities. We feel this is counter productive to our cause, to our identity as Black Indigenous Americans, and to our organization profile. We do not sell bracelets or necklaces, imitation eagle feathers nor Red Indian cds or tapes.

Does this organization support other Black Indian groups or websites?
We support any Black Indian site that has the best interest of the American "Black" Indian in mind. We do not support any organization that is out to just make a quick buck and not provide education to it's members but only provide countless marketing and promotional gimmicks. We extend our hand in friendship to other Native and non Native groups.

Is this a religious organization?
Absolutely not! We do not identify with any particular religious school of thought and many of the members are affiliated with various religious and spiritual denominations. In fact, we rather you not bring religion into the organization for it can only lead to confusion.

Does this organization work together with Red Native Americans?
Yes, we are willing to work with all people and we encourage others to work with us. Black Indians are a forgotten people and many our red and white brothers and sisters have been very respectful and sympathetic to our cause. We do not work with those who deny our existence or question our motives. There are many Native Americans with blonde hair and blue eyes and no one questions their ethnicity, yet, Black Native Americans are often the subject of criticism and rebuke when professing Native American ancestry. This is very sad and unfortunate and we remove ourselves from this line of fire. However, make no mistake about it, we are a BLACK organization, not an Intertribal group, not a red & black group,  or a black & white group, we are Black Indians. That's what it says on the marquee and that's our primary focus. We will not finacially support other ethnic groups or donate to their charities. We have our own misfortunes.

Is Robert Strongrivers a Chief of a tribe or group and can he be contacted?
Strongrivers is no chief and he does not profess to be one. He has often said that he is a student and fellow warrior in battle. He has professed to be only an infant with an old spirit. He can be reached at He responds to all e-mails personally and he is very accessible and easy to reach. Unlike others who respond to you weeks and months later, Strongrivers always respond to e-mails just as quick as he receives them.

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  Robert Strongrivers

Robert Strongrivers "Catwabiyeye" is an Indigenous Native American of Lower Creek and Seminole. Strongrivers family settled in the area of Tensaw in Baldwin County Alabama along the Tensaw River which flows along and across the Chickasaw Junction and empties into the Mobile Bay. Strongrivers attended Alabama State University where he lectured throughout the state of Alabama on Religious Diversity and Early American Course Politics in the South. He has taught Black Native American studies to many and is available for seminars on Self Empowerment and Self Consciousness. Strongrivers is currently in the process of writing a book on Black Native American Sovereignty in the United States. Strongrivers is currently the President of the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee (N.O.A.H. A.R.C.), an organization dedicated to the study and research of Black Native American Genealogy and Empowerment which focuses on teaching children and teens Black Native American history. He is also the founder and Goodwill Mediator in Dialog of the Indigenous Peoples of America Reconciliation of Diverse Tribes and Nations. IPARDTN is an organization that was founded to help mediate the relationship between Native Americans of different ethnic backgrounds and close the gap to Native American segregation. Strongrivers now resides in Northern Virginia. If you would like to contact Robert Strongrivers, he can be reached at

Robert Strongrivers
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Lost Feather International and Lost Feather Regional  is not affiliated with or approved by any federally recognized Native American tribe within the United States. While we are the official website for the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee of the American Black Indian community, we are not necessarily affiliated with any particular group, organization, tribe or nation. Views expressed on this website are those of the administrator. This site is sponsored by the National OlmecAmerican Heritage and Research Committee and overseen by the Strongrivers family. Questions or comments should be directed to: