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All too often we try to combat extreme racist views with rhetoric and insulting commentary of our own, doing nothing more than promoting the creation of more unfounded racial hate propaganda. To communicate effectively (for lack of better term), with these malicious views, one must not be boisterous or belligerent, however intelligent and poised. Much of the popular racist ideology can be disputed scientifically, historically, and logically, but only with calm minds and preparation. Despite how bothered one may become by such racial views that seem almost primitive in intelligence, it is important to argue effectively. Of course, when it comes to discussing views with racist, effective argument is almost impossible. It is a popular tactic for the racist to aggressively communicate his message. The aggressiveness makes up for the lack of credible content. The average racist is merely a pod, which carries learned views. Regardless of the intelligence and education of the white racist, he does not truly know what he believes, nor can he validate his views historically, scientifically and more importantly, logically.

Many racist are unable to reason and hear their own ignorance because they have been so deeply indoctrinated with inflated stories of their personal plight resulting from an imaginary secret anti-white movement in America and Europe. Regardless of the reality of their own shortcomings due to low quality of living, poor education, low income (especially in the south of the United States), the racist continues to believe that his situation is partly due to the Satanic Jews and Affirmative Action. In turn, it is much easier to influence the poor whites with racial view than wealthy whites. Poor whites who have experienced misfortune can easily be persuaded to believe that their misfortune is a result of blacks and Jews and that the white race is on a downhill decline. Wealthy whites know otherwise. This can be attributed to several factors. Wealthy whites have the disposable income to travel the world and experience foreign cultures great and small while poor whites are stuck in their respected little communities of hardship and can only make excuses. Wealthy whites associates with the upper caste of all people and realize that there are also black millionaires, CEOs, politicians, educators, scientist, philosophers, doctors, lawyers and are not grounded to the geographical exposure of blacks in one area or conditioned to the stereotypical views shared by poor whites regarding blacks and other ethnic groups.

Although black racial views are becoming views of the past and less tolerated by a more educated white American population, there are still many whites who are trying desperately to hold on to their views of white supremacy. It can not be taken for granted that white supremacy views no longer exist. They do exist. However, the white racist has lost much obvious power and have become somewhat an embarrassment to the remaining educated white race. In fact, many white supremacist find it difficult dealing with their own people simply because most whites are not that gullible to fall for such elementary and illogical spewed rhetoric. Their fight is not with Jews, blacks, gays, or conservatives, but with their own people. Not to say that white racist are reluctant to share their views, we realize that their tactics have become more aggressive since the creation of the Internet but only in that medium. Such groups as KKK, WAR, Skinheads have been reduced in size and being forced into bankruptcy. Other than the several marches and rallies throughout small cities, they have not displayed a strong presence or provoked the so-called, notorious "national threat" in American society, despite their exaggerated claims of their groups growing in numbers. There is no evidence to support this claim. While I do believe that many white teens are initially attracted to the cosmetics of these groups, I also find that the majority of these new recruits are from broken or dysfunctional families, have a history of illiteracy  in school, outcast, nerds, unpopular, and starving for friendship, companionship, relationship and membership. Another percentage of white racist are those born into white racist families and adopt the beliefs taught to them. However, there is a percentage of even these kids abandoning these racial views as they are exposed to integrated schools, diverse public school population, and diverse culture.

It should also be noted that the racial war is nothing more than a fabricated concept used by many white supremacy groups to instill fear in society. The truth is that there is no pending holy race war. This dreamed up concept is often perpetuated by these groups but never initiated nor provoked on a large global scale. It is almost comical that with the lack of weapons of mass destruction that any group with or without national charters can properly initiate a global or even regional war with illegally owned semi assault and automatic weapons. Any whites who truly believe in this concept are not only extremely gullible but do not have proper knowledge of military tactics or politics. Simply knowing how fire a gun is not basis to initiate a successful war of any kind. In other words, it is ridiculous to truly believe that one can destroy four million blacks and 5 million Jews.

Therefore, there is no real need to be fearful when the media perpetuates this concept through the various news reports and talk shows that showcase white supremacist. Not only is it an idea used to instill fear into Black America by exploiting "Hate Crimes", but it is also good for television ratings. In the past, such talk show host such as Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Oprah Winfry have all had their fair share of white racist theme editions only to boost program ratings. Not a one of them have ever invited a legitimate black expert in the fields of anthropology, history, sociology, on the show to combat these illiterate white racist. Yet, these white racist were given the full platform to indoctrinate America with their views with only a disgruntled audience left to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the audience are always strategically composed of 90% low economic class minorities with no higher education than high school, to effectively debate with the extremist views.  In these cases, the audience members are hand picked and are "rawled" up early prior to taping. Why is all of this important to know? It is essential that we understand that the myth of racism must forever be present in order to secure American capitalism.

Racism equals economics! Capitalism in this country would not have been possible if it had not been for the gold stripped from West Africa and shipped to America. Capitalism in this country would not have flourished if it had not been for black and Indian labor. The end of racism will ultimately bring about the end to American capitalism which is highly dependent upon socioeconomic classifications in order to establish the concept of majority-minority, superior-inferior, high class-low class, etc. America can not afford  for the breakdown of institutionalized racism. However, we must understand that institutionalized racism and individual prejudice by uninformed white bigots are different in nature. While institutionalized racism organized and operated by the federal Government is political and economic in nature, racism and prejudice by the lowly white bigot is a result of a lack of intelligence, even if he appears to be intelligent in speech. The ability to speak does not make one intelligent. Whether you are reading this on-line or in hard printed form, this work is not intended to argue with institutionalized racism. In order to combat institutionalized racism, we must become economically efficient, politically motivated, and socially involved in order to create economic growth, political foundations, and social awareness. It is out of the dependancy of minorities that white America can continue to flourish and practice limitations on ethnic and racial groups. This work however is intended for the white racist bigot who has used racial hatred to catapult his racial identity for no other reason than to feel superior. This work includes various questions one may ask to any white racist of any group of any intelligence, beit doctor, politician, farmer, industrial worker, sheepherder, mechanic, redneck, trash man, white collar, blue collar, no collar, unemployed, high school drop out, trailer park, deer park or otherwise. This book is for everyone. If you are black or other so-called minority and have encountered white racist in your life and didn't know quite what to say, this book is for you. If you are white and you claim not to be racist or prejudice, read this book and you will be shocked at just how racist you really are! This book is for you! If you are white, racist and ignorant, this book is for you.

Question the racist, interrogate them, find out how much they really know and how much do they really believe. Expose them for what they really are, degenerates of this society. Tell them not to resort to violence but to simply answer these 101 questions factually, scientifically, historically, and logically. Do not go out to destroy the white racist physically but mentally. The destruction of a society begins with the breakdown of their cultural and religious institutions. It is now that we fight on the forefront with knowledge and not ignorance.

Robert Strongrivers

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