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Robert Strongrivers' Favorite Quotes

On God & Religion

"Religion is to rely on legends."

"If God was truly seekable, where would be the first place you'd look?"

"No one truly knows what he believes nor believes what is known."

"No one can die for your sins. You will realize that once you are dead."

"My God is not your God. Stop saying that!"

"If you only believe in God then you are already doomed."

"Ever get the feeling that religion is too simplistic?"

"Religion is painting stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra."

"Don't assume that religious people are spiritual people. They are only monotinous."

On Life

"If you didn't have that hole in your shoe, you wouldn't think everyone was looking down on you.

"The door is easier to open if you'd just put your bags down."

"Life is not a dress rehearsal. There is no encore presentation. Make the best of it now!"

"Your stones are someone else's jewels."

"Luck is simply a cover-up word for divine intervention."

"Misfortune should be embraced for only good can come from it."

"Treat small matters with great urgency and importance and large matters with little concern."

"Decisions should be made within the space of seven breaths."

"How many times have you said to yourself, "Today I will start."?

"Everyone has their own definitions of your words."

"There was once a great warrior who found a horse and everyone said how lucky he was. One day while riding the horse, it bucked and threw him to the ground breaking both his legs and everyone said how unlucky he was. A fierce battle broke out and everyone in his tribe were killed except him who could not go to battle because of his broken legs, how lucky he was!"

On Children

"Children are closer to God than adults, therefore they cannot be fooled easily."

"Children start out divine and parents corrupt them as they grow older."

"Aspire to be like your children for in them is innocence, sincerity and bluntness."

"Do not go where you cannot take your children."

"When disciplining your child, remember that you too were once a child."

"Do not force your children to eat the peas. Children must have individuality and the opportunity to have likes and dislikes."

On Relationships

"Do you really think you are enough to satisfy your mate?"

"Love does not conquer all, for if this was true the world would be a Utopia."

"Understand that woman and men are different in nature. Understanding is the key to a healthy relationship."

"Do not abuse the word "Love." Many have trouble differentiating between love and dependancy."

"The marriage must occur before the wedding ceremony."

"Some relationships will always fail because the parties involved are not naturally capatable."

On Friendship

"The best friends are those people you have no reason to trust."

"A true friend does not think of himself when helping others."

"Many friends one day can be many enemies the next. Watch who you take into your fold."

"Your best friend should be your spouse."

On Enlightenment

"Everything written in a book can not always be trusted."

"Awareness is simply turning off the snooze button."

"Do not wait to fall head first from a 10 story building to turn your life around."

"Do not believe with your mind, believe with your heart."

"Many men write books for profit."

"When you finally accept the truth you will beat your head against the wall wondering what took you so long to come around."

"No man can give you wisdom, you have to earn it."

"Many intellects lack common sense."

"You learn more about a road traveling it rather than looking at the map."

"Say what you are going to do and do what you say to avoid confusion."

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