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This section details the various images and commentary on the making of the New Lost Feather Internet project.

Robert Strongrivers (President of the National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee)
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Lost Feather was never meant to be anything more than a one page project. The more we worked on it, (Florabelle and myself with a couple of others), the more information we began to put down. In fact, the information was so much that it was originally 100 pages, but trying to upload 100 pages onto a server  was somewhat of a difficult task. So, within that first four months I began contacting family members for more accurate black Indian history. Other avenues began to open up as well. Eventually, I had to make decisions to keep certain information and discard certain information. We actually decided not to document an entire section on Black Cowboys and Black Indians in the Civil War. Maybe we will save that for a later project. The history is so profound and rich that it is impossible to even try and sum up the entire Black Indian legacy through a website, or even a book.

There is much that is not told, much that is buried deep, much that is so far fetched in content that even the most conservative-minded individuals would have trouble accepting. So when we launched Lost Feather originally, I was a little worried about the response I would get from visitors. In fact, I did have one visitor contact us and congratulate us on what a terrific job we were doing dreaming up such a fantasy website. Then again, 99% of the response has been positive.

Florabelle Williams (Vice President of The National Olmec American Heritage and Research Committee -Editor)
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A friend of mine, Matt Rome contacted me and we spoke a while about powwows and Black Indian history, Seminole Wars and the Black Indian involvement and it dawned on me at that moment, while many people have never even heard of Black Indians, there were many who have, and instead of trying to prove that Black Indians do exist, I wanted to provide information on the plight of  Black Indians. So many Native Americans of red and white ancestry even began to visit Lost Feather and had a great many things to say. Scott Thunderwolf (Blackfoot), Barbara Cassey ((Susquehanna/Tuscarora), Angela McNamara (Porch Creek), members of the Micmac tribe, Abenaki, Seminole, Hopi all had great things to say about Lost Feather

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