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About Spinal Tap Technologies USA

If you are a small business owner, what is the one element that you need to compete with the larger companies? The answer is promoting yourself! With the technology of the Internet and the World Wide Web, having a website is an essential tool to get your business or organization recognized in today's marketplace. Since the powerful use of the Internet, small businesses have expanded their profit almost 75%. Marketing has never been made easier. With the start of the new millennium, it would be corporate suicide not to have a website for your business. This is where Spinal Tap Technologies USA come in!

Question: What if I do not have time to build a web site?

Don't sweat it! Websites aren't as high maintenance as many people believe. You don't need advanced HTML training or knowledge in Java. All you need is a basic idea, an outline and a primary purpose. The great thing is that, YOU tell us what you want and WE will create a site for you!

Question: Why do I need a website for my business?  

Spinal Tap graphic artists are diligent in creating eye-catching graphics. We pay careful attention to perspective, shadowing, detail, and 3-dimensional imaging. Your business site can be greatly enhanced by the right graphics which will not hamper loading time. We strive for the best looking images, graphics, colors, and transparencies.

We have thousands of graphic images, web images, photos, logos, banners, animation, millions of colors and hundreds of fonts. There is no limitation to what we can do. Need to have your photos on your website but you don't have access to scanning devices? Simply throw your photos in the mail and we will even scan your photos for FREE! Speaking of photos, we provide photo enhancement, altering, filtering, creative warping, tone mapping, gradient processing, particles, superimposement, and many other tricks to give your site life. We have literally hundreds of backgrounds. We will even custom make your background. What more can you ask for?

Question: Why is a website important for my business?  

A recent study counted 400,000 companies doing business on the Internet. Another recent report out of the U.S. Department of Commerce numbered Internet users at 100 million people at the end of 1997. As a business, these are compelling reasons websites are imperative. The Internet is perhaps today's most powerful medium. The Internet is now an essential part of our society and is expanding each day. Doesn't it make sense to take advantage of the most powerful promotional tool? Not only will your business be advertised locally but Internationally. Why pay thousands of dollars for newspaper promotional ads and advertisement in the Yellow Pages? Simply place your impressive full color website on the World Wide Web and watch your business grow!

Question: How much does a website cost?   

That depends on how large a website you want. A typical business-size website runs anywhere from $2000 to $5000. Don't freak out, we don't charge that much!  For a full description of our services, click HERE

Question: How long does it take to develop a website?  

We can have your website completed within 1 month! You will consult with our predesign technician to find exactly what you as a business want and need to increase rapid growth. We will discuss content, purpose, goal, cosmetics, graphics, etc. If you do not have a clear idea, we will even trouble shoot with you and help you find ideas. Other web designers lack the patience to work diligently with their clients. Everyone is not Internet literate and we understand that. If you have no idea what a JPEG, URL, or CGI Bin is, no problem, we will walk you through it. Once we have decided on a theme, we will construct a temporary site with a temporary location for your review. We will then begin finalizing components of your sight based on your approvals and disprovals. When the site is finalized we will personalize your domain, upload your site, register you with the top search engines and banner exchange systems.

Question: What is a domain name and how do I reserve one?  

A domain name is your personal web address. If your business is 'Lennix Auto', then your domain name would be similar to "LennixAuto.Com." A domain name makes your site unique. A domain name is usually composed of your company's name followed by the entity suffix. Everyone recognizes the suffix (.com) which represents "commercial." However, there are other suffixes which are; (.org) which is nonprofit organizations, (.gov) which is government organizations, (.edu) which is "education" and is used mostly by University websites. It is important that you have a personal domain. It is possible to have a website without one, however,  if you want to add a sense of professionalism and market value to your site, your own personal domain is wise.

Question: If I do not have a personal domain can clients still find me on the Web?  

With the proper marketing and registration with search engines you can be found on the web. However, wouldn't it be much easier for your client to type in your personal domain and access your page within seconds as opposed to navigating through thousands of search engine results or trying to figure out which keywords might access your site? Without your personal domain, your site will be given a lengthy domain by the host of your site. If a company like Geocities is the host of your site, you will be given a website address that will look similar to this: "http://Members/Eureka/Concorse/4401/Lennixauto/Page_1.html". Not only is this difficult for you to remember but very unimpressive on a business card or ad.

Question: What is web hosting?  

In order to publish your web site to the Internet, your web pages need to be stored on a computer called a Web Server which is always connected to the Internet. This Web Server transmits your web pages to any person, logged onto the Internet, that requests to view your site. When you rent server space for your website from a company that offers this service, they become your host. This is Web Hosting. There are several free web hosting companies as well as paid hosting each having it's own individual benefits.

Question: What is the difference between free web hosting and paid web hosting?  

Connection to the Internet! Free web hosting does have it's limitations. Many of the free web hosting may offer limited server space like 1 megabyte, hardly enough for a mid-sized business to get it's point across, not to mention annoying pop up ads. There are a few free web hosting companies that can give you up to 11 megabytes of free web space. Other factors to keep in mind are the company's connectivity to the Internet (T1 or T3 lines), reliability of their web servers, availability, quality of their technical support,  how much traffic to your site is allowed before your rates are increased, do they consistently have "server-down" problems. Basically, if it's free you can't complain. Paid web hosting can range anywhere from $25 to $150 per month depending on how much storage space you need for your site, how much high traffic to your site, how may graphic images you have, and the demands all this will have on the processing of your site.

Question: What is a search engine?  

A search engine is a program that searches for documents on the web through specified keywords. The engine returns a list of results. For example, if you are searching for restaurants in Baltimore Maryland, you simply go to the search engine and type in the search field, also called browser, "restaurants in Baltimore" or "Baltimore restaurants" and you will receive a list of results. The main search engines are Yahoo, Excite, Alta Vista, Lycos, and Hot Bot.

Question: What about maintenance of my site. How much updating will it require?  

As much updating as your business requires. When your business change so does your site. Websites should be updated periodically to break monotony. Updating is no big task. We simply go in, make an addition or elimination and reload. That's it!