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This on-line book came into existence because of the various allegations, exaggerations and fabrications surrounding the perils of Italian navigator and explorer Cristoforo Colombus or better known as Christopher Columbus. I found that many accounts and translations of his discoveries were not only limited, but were maliciously altered for the benefit of European contribution. Upon my teachings and lectures, I have discovered that very few are fully aware of the proper historical accounts of the journeys of Christopher Columbus. In fact, very few Americans are aware of the historical stamps surrounding the discovery of Western land. I wrote this book for the sole purpose of providing the more realistic stories of the journey of 1492. Upon my research, I came across many sources that I found disturbing regarding the subject of this book. Murder, rape, suicide, torture, mutilation, castration, impalement and disembowelment were only the less serious crimes committed against the Natives of this land.

    This book is not intended for young readers, for it does contain these disturbing accounts. I urge anyone reading this book to cross reference the information that you may find. I encourage the reader to research the information for him/ herself if there is any doubt to the bloody atrocities of Christopher Columbus that was performed on Native Americans. You will find in the back of this book a list of verifiable references. I encourage this for the reason that it has been in the nature of many to reject such valuable information that is not supported by a European source. This is a disease of our people. We constantly question our own and readily accept that which is offered by those who do not have our best interest in mind. Therefore, for the sake of argument, I have supplied the reader with information to verify this information with the European.

    Upon writing this book, I have come to the conclusion that I would face most opposition from various angles. My earlier publications generated many concerns. Publications such as this may often be coined as “exaggerated”, “racist”, or “untrue.” Meanwhile, such study guides and learning text books that foretell the many myths of the African Slave Trade or the Pilgrim’s friendly encounter with the Powhatan are considered to be truthful accounts and hardly require any validation from other sources. While this may indeed be a double standard, I understand that history is exactly what it sounds like, “his-story,” and whenever we try to tell our own story of our own people, or when I try to tell “my-story”,  it is coined as myth or mystery.

    Some may ask, “What is the importance of knowing these things today?” My answer to that is that if you want to destroy a people’s future, you simply change their past. Our children must never be exposed to such damaging propaganda as the lie that Christopher Columbus discovered America. We must promote the truth without hesitation and without resentment. The journey of 1492 marked a very sad and unfortunate chapter in our history. All people should be aware of the brutality and sins that fell upon this nation. This publication may anger many for it forces those of us to face our own thoughts. It is our thoughts that we fear the most. It is the so-called truths that we question secretly when we are alone and void of external influence.

    It is imperative that I state that this publication is not my philosophy or theory or belief. The information in this publication is not an alter scenario. The information in this publication is indeed factual and honest and has nothing to do with philosophies. I recently spoke with a woman from Germany who is studying for her PH.D.. We were discussing the origins of the Indigenous Native Americans. Upon coming across the Lost Feather Site and the accounts of West Africans migrating to America in the Pre-Columbian era, she responded: “I’m not sure if I agree with that theory.” I explained to her that it is not a philosophy or theory to agree with or disagree with. It is history that has been kept hidden from us for hundreds of years and only such tribes as the Seminole, Creek, Cherokee, Hopi, Navajo, and others have preserved these accounts. This history has now been exposed to the European world and archeological circles. In other words, “It is not your place to agree or disagree.”

    The effort to make this publication could not be possible without the help of Indigenous Americans who helped to supply historical accounts for the content of this book. We urge you to forward this book to friends and family who may be interested in learning the truth one of the greatest historical myths of the world.

Robert Strongrivers